*Day 3*
_Exercise: Music that makes you happy! _🎶
Your task today is to find 3 songs that make you happy.
They fill your heart with joy, they make you smile, dance, tap your feet, uplift you or make you feel alive. Find the songs and then play them at different times during the day.
Notice what happens to you when you hear them – physically and emotionally.

Music can have a direct effect on your mood and it can also be used to shift your mindset if needed. Listening to music provides many psychological benefits, and, using its power, we can control our mood depending on the type of music we listen to and memories certain songs evoke.

Experiment with it. See what happens when you play the songs. See how they make you feel and how they change the way you felt just before listening to them.

*To Share* below your 3 happy songs (name and artist)

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