4-Week Mindfulness at Work Challenge



Mindfulness is a hot topic in the world of work.

But how can you successfully introduce it to your staff?

We offer a 4-week challenge to help you and your teams engage and embed new mindfulness habits at work using face-to-face and online interactions.


Week 1:

Introduction to Mindfulness at work: Managing Stress and achieving balance.

Goal: Provide employees with practical mindfulness skills to apply at work and at home and demonstrate its array of benefits from increased self-awareness to managing stress and conflict to improved creativity and concentration.
– Providing examples of the famous people that practiced mindfulness and how it affected them;
– Demonstrate what neuroscience tells us about mindfulness practice and how it impacts our brain;
– Experiential session – Using Mindfulness to manage stress– experiencing the instant benefits of mindfulness in a measurable way.
– How to create more time with Mindfulness – achieving balance.



Week 2:
Focus and Concentration.

Goal: Demonstrate that in today’s world where technology penetrated every aspect of our life and we are constantly distracted Mindfulness practice becomes a critical survival tool for our mind and our productivity.

– How the modern world of work and technology affects our mindset;
– Limited attention – where do you spend it;
– Practical exercise to improve focus and concentration that can be done anytime at work;
– Mindful colouring.


Week 3:

Positive Mindset and improved relationships.

Goal: Mindfulness helps us understand how our brain works. It helps see our negative bias. When we understand how our brain works we can change our mindset and make it more positive, we can improve our relationships with others and remove the drama from our life.
– Understanding your brain and how it likes to think with real-life examples;
– Increase awareness of our negative bias and how to tackle it to become more positive as an individual and a team;
– Practical session to show how to improve relationships with anyone using mindfulness.


Week 4:
Creativity and Happiness

Goal: How can you get into the creative flow with Mindfulness? What does it mean to be totally present?
– Mindfulness in action – becoming totally present;
– Using mindfulness to improve creativity
– Finding a step closer to happiness with mindfulness despite external circumstances.


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