Overcoming Severe Anxiety and Stress




6-week online programme with Dr Kasia Wilk, Counselling Psychologist

How to manage crisis and overcome severe stress and anxiety.

Starts 10th June 2019

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  • Do you have trouble sleeping at night?
  • Do you feel your anxiety holds you back from being able to take an action?
  • Do you feel stuck and can’t move forward?


No matter how hopeless your situation can seem there is always a way forward.

And it begins with making a choice to help yourself.


Feedback from the previous participants:

“I feel my life has changed because now as I am able to handle absolutely anything that I am faced with”

“I feel empowered to take action and fulfil my deepest desires without letting anything to hold me back”

“I am no longer feeling stuck with emotions that hold me back and I am able to feel a sense of happiness”

“I accept myself for who I truly am”


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