Introduction to Mindfulness – Talks


Mindfulness For Success – how to build a new mental habit

Interactive session for big groups – 60 min

After interviewing 140 people at the top of their fields for his book “The Tribe of Mentors”, bestselling author Tim Ferriss realised that almost all of them share the same habit.

He found that regardless of industry, the vast majority of respondents had a daily mindfulness or meditation practice. At the heart of mindfulness is a simple practice of Mind training.

We bring you a unique opportunity to find out more about mindfulness and why successful people make it their daily habit.

Today we process more information in a day than we did in a year 20 years ago. The impact of technology on our life is growing immensely and so are our stress levels and mental health issues. Our brains struggle to cope with this fast-paced and challenging world.

Mindfulness is a tool that can help build mental strength, reduce stress and anxiety, make better decisions and improve relationships.

This session is an opportunity to learn more about how you can successfully apply mindfulness in your day-to-day life. Science combined with practical tools and valuable insights. You will understand how your brain operates, why it likes negativity and how to become more positive.

“Amazing session that will make you curious about your brain” – Joining The Dots marketing agency

“I thought the workshop was excellent, very informative and really enjoyable.” Bruntwood

The session is delivered by Julie McGann, Mindfulness Coach, Entrepreneur and Speaker. She has been teaching mindfulness to a number of businesses including Sony, Nationwide Building Society, Bruntwood, Join the Dots, Ofwat and many more. She has also been coaching senior executives to help them adopt more mindful way of working. Julie’s delivery style is extremely engaging and uplifting.


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