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Do you feel you carry too much stress in your body?

Do you feel you find it difficult to stop?

Do you feel like you are burning out?

Do you feel your mental health is getting affected?


Most people today feel that way.  We all experience information overload, fast pace, constant pressure, our inability to disconnect from our devices and switch off our mind.  


Mindfulness is a practice that helps us to deal with the modern world in a totally different way.  


We bring you a unique opportunity to find out more about mindfulness and why many successful people make it their daily habit.


Today we process more information in a day than we did in a year 20 years ago.

The impact of technology on our life is growing immensely and so are our stress levels and mental health issues.

Our brains struggle to cope with this fast-paced and challenging world.


Mindfulness is a tool that will help:

  • build mental strength,
  • reduce stress and anxiety,
  • make quicker and better decisions
  • improve relationships
  • produce new ideas.


Watch a short preview of one of the Practical Exercises:


This online challenge is an opportunity to learn more about how you can successfully embed mindfulness in your day-to-day life for better performance, self-awareness and focus.



What to expect?

  • Neuroscience combined with practical tools and valuable insights
  • The role of mindfulness in a modern world of work
  • Daily practical exercise
  • Access to a daily chat with a course expert and other participants.




Watch this short video to learn why Mindfulness is a tool/practice to explore.



The programme starts every Monday.



  • 8-Day Mindfulness Challenge

  • lesson
    Day 1 – The pressure is On
    Day 1 – The pressure is On
    8 minutes
  • discussion
    Day 2 – Mindful Drink
  • lesson
    Day 3 – The myth of multitasking
    10 minutes
  • assignment
    Day 4 – Focused Attention
    Text Based
  • lesson
    Day 5 – You can re-wire your brain to stress less
    30 minutes
  • discussion
    Day 6 – Your First Mindfulness Practice
  • lesson
    Day 7 – Are you in charge of your brain?
    30 minutes
  • assignment
    Day 8 – Your 2nd Mindfulness Practice
    Text Based

Julie McGann

Julie is a pioneer and innovator in corproate wellness. She is a founder of Unicorn and Co and UPGRADE-U. Julie has been helping organisations embed meaningful and impactful employee wellbeing programmes. She designed and led a number of mindfulness programmes and workshops for various companies in the last 4 years. Julie brings warm humour and extensive knowledge to her courses.