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Physical inactivity kills as many people as smoking.

Joe Wicks, The Body Coach is on a mission to share high intensity interval training with everyone who is too busy at work and has limited time to exercise. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is about elevating your heart rate for 30 or 40 seconds and then resting for the remainder of that minute. By boosting your heart rate, you boost your metabolism and fire up your body to burn fat.


These very short 15 min workouts from Joe are suitable for everyone. You can do it anywhere and there’s no equipment needed; if you’re unsure about your fitness, speak to your doctor first. It involves short bursts of really hard work, followed by periods of rest.

The increasing popularity of High Intensity Interval training is due to the effectiveness of the workout in relation to the short amount of time spent on them. High Intensity Interval Training involves short sessions of high impact, strenuous movements.

Start this course to discover more about the benefits of High Intensity Training with Joe Wicks, The Body Coach.

  • Total Workout with The Body Coach

  • lesson
    Introduction to a High Intensity Workout series
    2 minutes
  • lesson
    The Science and Benefits behind High Intensity Workouts
    5 minutes
  • lesson
    Safety Tips for HIIT Workouts – Important
    30 minutes
  • lesson
    20 Min Absolute Beginners Workout with Joe Wicks
    30 minutes
  • lesson
    Warm-up Session before your Workout (highly recommended)
    30 minutes
  • lesson
    15 Min Low Impact Fat Burner with Joe Wicks
    30 minutes
  • lesson
    No Noise 16 min Hotel Workout – Exercise when You Travel
    30 minutes
  • discussion
    Submit Your Questions and Feedback with reagrds to your HIIT practice
  • assignment
    Your HIIT Workout Selfie
    Text Based

Joe Wicks