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Sammy Margo is The Good Sleep Expert.

She is also a qualified chartered physiotherapist with a Master’s in Physiotherapy from University College and The Middlesex Hospital.  
As a spokesperson for The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Sammy appears frequently on radio and television as well as in newspapers and magazines.
Sammy’s interest in sleep developed when she was treating patients in their homes, in their bedrooms.  She soon realized that the impact of a good night’s sleep can profoundly affect the healing process, which is where the story began.  She went on to compile her books about sleep based on 20 years of experiences in treating patients.

In this course Sammy shares her best tips on having a good quality sleep.

  • Simple Sleep Advice form the Good Sleep Expert

  • lesson
    The Good Sleep Expert – Intro
    30 minutes
  • lesson
    The Importance of a Bedtime Routine
    30 minutes
  • lesson
    Do Sleep Positions Matter?
    30 minutes
  • lesson
    How to Create a Bedroom Environment for a Perfect Sleep
    30 minutes
  • lesson
    Choose the Right Pillow
    30 minutes
  • quiz
    Your Sleep IQ Quiz
    12 questions

Sammy Margo