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If you tend to suffer a sleepiness attack in the mid-afternoon, it’s not a fluke. Many people experience a noticeable dip in their alertness, energy level, and ability to concentrate in the afternoon. Check out the most common reasons for this so you can nip this feeling in the bud. 


There are simple food formulas that can show you how to keep your blood sugar levels stable so you can appreciate how much more energy can be created by simply using the right Food Formula when choosing which foods to eat.

Watch this 2 Min Video where our Corporate Nutritionist Kim explains why it is important to learn how to manage your blood sugar levels.



  • Tools to Manage My Energy

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    30 minutes
  • lesson
    Formula for Energy
    5 minutes
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    Self-Reflection Exercise -1
    Text Based
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    The Most Important Meal of The Day
    30 minutes
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    Self-Reflection Exercise – 2
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    Power Up Your Lunch
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    Do You Manage Your Blood Sugar Levels Well? – QUIZ
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    Your Energy Map for Optimum Performance
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    The Hunger Scale

Kim Schweiger