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Science has a long history of proving that how we arrange our muscles affects how we feel about ourselves. 


In this 2 min video Julie shares a great tool for an instant confidence and mood lift.

Researchers studied what effect slumped or straightened posture had on the hearts and minds of people.
The upright participants reported feeling more enthusiastic, excited, and strong, while the slumped participants reported feeling more fearful, hostile, nervous, quiet, still, passive, dull, sleepy, and sluggish. Good posture was also associated with higher self-esteem, less social fear and fewer negative emotions.



Julie McGann

Julie is a pioneer and innovator in corproate wellness. She is a founder of Unicorn and Co and UPGRADE-U. Julie has been helping organisations embed meaningful and impactful employee wellbeing programmes. She designed and led a number of mindfulness programmes and workshops for various companies in the last 4 years. Julie brings warm humour and extensive knowledge to her courses.