Finding Freedom: Your Guide to Overcoming Stress and Anxiety

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Welcome to your personal roadmap to overcome stress and anxiety to find freedom, calm, and empowerment! This is where your journey begins 🙂

You can complete this course in your own time at your own pace. It is recommended to take time to learn each module thoroughly before moving on to the next one. Give yourself a week to practice what you learn in each module and continue to apply the tools even after you complete the course. Transformation is based on creating healthy habits in our thinking and behaving, and that is what you will be learning here.



Welcome to your Finding Freedom course!

Congratulations on making the choice towards putting your well-being first. You will learn incredibly powerful tools in this course that will allow you to have more control over your mental and emotional well-being, no matter what is happening around you.

You will discover your own power and access a range of tools and strategies to overcome stress, anxiety, fear, and panic. If you have always wanted to access the benefits of therapy and coaching, yet don’t have the time, resources, or ability to access this directly, this course is for you. I will be guiding you through 8 powerful modules that take you through a proven process that I use with my clients in my clinical practice work.

Please note however that this course is not equivalent to having in-depth therapy or counselling sessions. If you are experiencing severe stress and anxiety that is impacting upon your basic daily functioning, or you are at risk of harming yourself, it is advised that you seek professional medical advice before embarking on any self-help materials such as this online course.

Make sure you commit 100% to the process and take responsibility for applying everything we learn together. I can’t wait to see you on the other side of your transformation 🙂


Dr. Kasia Wilk

2 reviews for Finding Freedom: Your Guide to Overcoming Stress and Anxiety

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Uma Pabbineedi

    The course is very informative and takes a very practical approach by helping us to put what we have learnt into practice , whilst also being supported and encouraged by a highly skilled and experienced professional – It felt like having my own 1-to-1 sessions with a therapist ! This really created a positive learning environment , which enabled me to learn efficiently and evolve throughout the course.
    Knowing that I am quite a worrier and someone who tends to get worked up very easily , I was determined to work on overcoming my anxieties through this course. I found that developing an understanding of my own anxiety response to certain situations was extremely beneficial for me. This promoted greater self-awareness within me as I was identifying , examining and challenging my thinking patterns and assumptions that seemed to be hindering my potential to succeed in particular situations. Once I had fully mapped out my anxiety response and worked on replacing my unresourceful coping strategies with resourceful ones, with consistent practice I noticed drastic changes in my response to the same stressful situations.
    A great personal example I would like to draw on, is being able to get through my driving test without any negativity running through my mind and of course pass it too!!! This was a huge achievement for me as I messed up on my previous test attempts due to my negative thoughts (e.g. about my ability to drive) which would then manifest into unhelpful ways of dealing with my test anxiety (e.g. avoid situations by purposefully messing up). Being able to in some sense re-program/re-wire what was going on inside my mind and witness the difference it made was honestly one of the most liberating experiences for me as I was able to break free from my vicious cycle. In addition, I found that techniques such as the mindful body scan and muscle relaxation greatly helped in getting me into the right mindset for my test.
    This course has also massively impacted on my perception of things in my life (e.g. career, relationships etc.), by getting me to delve deeper into my thinking and its root causes. Understanding where my anxieties came from and how it was impacting my present behaviour was an interesting and eye-opening experience for me. Going back to my younger self through the guided exercise was a challenge as I was apprehensive about recalling memories that I usually try to avoid, because of the negative thoughts and feelings they evoke for me. On completion of this exercise I was amazed to see how I was able to recall each detail of my childhood memory and experience as I did. This was a very powerful technique as it got me to look at the memory from a different perspective, learn from it and change the meaning I gave to this early life experience. Above all, I got to realise the importance of releasing instead of supressing the pain that comes from such memories so that I can cultivate an attitude of acceptance and make decisions with confidence.
    Moreover, being at a stage in my life where I have made important choices and still yet to make many more, I found the power of choice and taking action exercises extremely helpful ! Before doing the exercises, I was aware that I had made choices in the past with fear in mind ….but what surprised me was seeing that a lot of my choices made till date were primarily driven by fear. Getting to then understand how this was not serving me well in the short-term and long-term , really put things into perspective for me and provided me with clarity, helping me to confidently make choices rooted in courage rather than fear.
    Coming to the course in general; Dr. Wilk is very engaging , the course is very well structured , easy to follow and includes a mix of audio and audio-visual content and activities all lasting for an appropriate length of time. I have enrolled onto quite a few online courses in the past and can say for sure that this is one of the best courses I have undertaken , in terms of really helping me to make change happen !!!! With the help of an amazing workbook and continuous support and guidance from Dr.Wilk, I gained invaluable knowledge and was able to develop a habit of practice which gave me results that I never expected. I am super happy that I did this course !!! On completion of this course, I came to realise that many of our limits are self-imposed which are usually mental restraints. Instead of being inspired or feeling that we can achieve our ambitions/goals, we very easily limit ourselves with the fears we hold- which are nothing but false evidence that appears real!
    Dr. Wilk provides us with the knowledge and tools based on theoretical models to gain control over our thinking and behaviour which is incredibly empowering…and what is even more interesting to learn is that we as humans have the resources and power within us to make changes in our life to excel in all areas of our life. Since completing the course, my level of anxiety has moved from 7 (mild anxiety) to 4 (normal) which I aim to improve further and maintain with the implementation of the techniques learnt on this course in my day to day living. I would highly recommend the finding freedom from stress and anxiety course by Dr. Wilk. I can assure anyone who is considering doing this course that if you put the work in and continually practice the techniques and use the resources provided , the results are truly life-changing !

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to overcome stress and anxiety, either as an affordable alternative to face to face counselling support, or as a way of maintaining the progress you have made post-counselling. Dr Wilk guides you through each session via video-clips which include practical exercises for you to follow that are informed by a range of evidenced based counselling techniques. You are supported by a downloaded work-book which can be saved and re-visited. The experience nevertheless feels personalised, as you will be working with Dr Wilk on issues that matter to you. I found the sessions easy to understand and follow, having been broken down into manageable modules. The course is well structured and I felt the exercises were helpful to me. Having engaged fully in the process, by addressing my fears arising out of work-placed bullying and by looking at other past experiences, the result is that my feelings of anxiety in given situations has lessened in intensity. Happily, I feel much more in control. This is a course well worth investing in. Five stars.

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