The Happiness Effect Challenge with Natalia Cohen and Julie McGann

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Happiness is a skill of a new decade. The future demands that we have new leaders who are capable of doing inner work and developing multiple levels of intelligence that require us going beyond the intellectual one.


It means understanding the extraordinary potential of the human spirit and the wisdom and beauty of your heart. It means realizing the clutter of the polluted mind and the factors that affect your emotional state.


It is about self-management and self-care, it is about being able to uplift yourself daily so you can uplift and lead others with a focused mind, strong spirit and a loving heart.


It is not easy for us, human beings, to create new habits especially when it comes to our thoughts and actions.


By doing this challenge together, sharing our experiences and encouraging each other we will be able to begin to transform the way we look at our daily lives.


You will learn that you are the author of your life and you write the script of your story in your head on a daily basis.


What kind of story do you write for yourself? Is it encouraging? Is it kind? Is it compassionate? Is it brave?…



Your Facilitators:

Natalia Cohen

International Motivational Speaker, Happiness Expert and Mindset Coach

Official World Record Holder, First Team to row across the Pacific Ocean, Guinness World Record Holder



Natalia spent 257 days at sea on a small boat surrounded by the same circumstances and people 24/7. The narrative in her head defined her experience during her oceanic journey and she made a decision for it to be happy and joyful one no matter what. She made it happen despite daily hardships, frustrations, lack of sleep, food and communication with the external world.


How did she make it work? You will find out by getting a very personal account and glimpse of Natalia’s inner oceanic journey during this challenge. 


Don’t forget to watch Natalia’s documentary Losing Sight of Shore on Netflix/Amazon/ before the challenge.


Julie McGann   

Founder and CEO of Unicorn and Co – Corporate Wellness Academy

Meditation and Happiness Coach


After years of a standard corporate career in HR Julie embarked on an entrepreneurial journey to find freedom and happiness. During the last 5 years of building a digital corporate wellness academy she faced many many challenges and setbacks. But her inner compass was always her happiness, her passion and purpose. She knew that short-term pain will bring long-term gain if she just follows her heart.


It was not always easy in a very “head” focused business world for a single mum and immigrant but her number one choice was to become happy, free and fulfill her purpose. Her honest experience of this journey to freedom and happiness will be shared by Julie during the challenge.


What to expect:

  1. Incredible 30-day journey to discover that Happiness is a skill. Happiness is an “inside job”. It is something we can have despite the external circumstances.
  2. Embed new daily habits to experience mindset shift that increases your daily dose of presence, joy and acceptance.
  3. Daily happiness-enhancing tasks and mini-challenges, practical tools and science-based techniques to do the “inner work”.
  4. Daily inspirations and personal stories from the facilitators who will be completing all the tasks with you and sharing their experiences.
  5. Reflections and journaling work.
  6. Small community of like-minded individuals that are open and curious.


Who is this challenge for?

  1. Leaders of the Future;
  2. Individuals with growth mindset;
  3. Individuals who embrace digital communication;
  4. Individuals with intention and commitment to bring more happiness to their lives in 2020;
  5. Individuals who are willing to do the work and invest their time in shifting their mindset to create positive changes in their lives.


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4 reviews for The Happiness Effect Challenge with Natalia Cohen and Julie McGann

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kasia Wilk

    “Positive, impactful and thought-provoking. You have truly given us focus and different perspectives to consider. I am very inspired and determined to implement all the great techniques and suggestions you have given us.”

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kate Cassidy

    “I truly feel motivated to put the techniques into practice. I am ready to stop worrying about things I can’t control and focus on my happiness”

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mick Timpson

    Any leader today would benefit from this experience in more ways than they would probably expect.

    – It will help you manage your stress.

    – it will help you learn how to make decisions with a clear mind.

    – it will help you be more productive throughout the day.

    – Most important of all, it will help you learn how to live life with more awareness and thoughtfulness.

    It’ll help you feel happier & not many courses achieve that.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kevin Rogers

    It was professional and worked well thanks to you. I’m again impressed by your commitment and glad that I joined. Sincerely. Learned a lot. It was a great investment in myself as a leader.

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