New Generation of Wellness Education at Work in 2020


We continue to talk about ourselves at work as we are machines expecting maximum productivity from ourselves.


We tend to forget that we are Humans. And we need to educate ourselves about being Humans, learn who we really are, learn about:


Our bodies

Our brains

Our emotions

Our thinking processes

Our interactions

Our energy

And our purpose.



No more talking about ourselves as machines. We are Humans. We are vulnerable, imperfect, sometimes awkward, sensitive, emotional, tired, sad, upset… etc.


We need to accept that part of us too. Unless we do, mental health issues will continue to rise.


We will continue to be stressed, getting annoyed with ourselves and others and pushing ourselves to the highest level of productivity only to realise later along the way that we lost our health, our relationships, our time and our zest for life.


We are not going to sort out Mental Health issues with the same mind that created it.


We need to move to a new level – appreciating our Humanness at work and learning more about ourselves.


We are a team of passionate wellness educators and scientists who are bringing a new kind of Wellness education to the workplace.


Wellness education that allows people learn about themselves at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.


Education that allows everyone connect with their vulnerable parts, express who they are and create trusted learning communities that inspire and motivate.


We also believe that leaders and managers have to be educated first so they can open this possibility to others.


Would you like to see what it looks like?


– Real time interaction
– Digital format (accessible anytime and anywhere)
– Community of like-minded learners
– Sharing learning experiences
– Practical /experiential (taking actions)
– Powerful Storytelling


Take part in one of our Learning Experiences HERE


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