Are Wellbeing initiatives useless?


“You are not being productive”,  I have told a little bird on a tree this morning.

“You are not making me money.
I don’t need you. I don’t have time for you.”



Men created our workplaces and they have done a great job but they did it without us, women. Our workplaces are in a desperate need of feminine energies and principles.


Women entered the world of work so much later having to leave their feminine nature behind in order to fit in and trying to be like men: assertive, productive, determined, rational, efficient.


Is this what equality truly means? That we become like men? That we suppress our true sensitive, intuitive and caring nature?


Feminine energies at work are often considered useless, fluffy and soft as they don’t support productivity.


Compassion is fluffy, caring is soft, nurturing is a waste of time, intuition is about rainbows and unicorns etc.


The truth is that feminine energies are like having beautiful flowers around you.


It is like saying roses are useless
Sunsets are useless
Stars are useless
Birds that are singing in the morning are useless.


But maybe they are doing something more important: feeding your soul.


We don’t talk about soul at work Julie.
We don’t talk about soul at work Julie.


Ok, I heard you…


We are rational and soulless because we need to get work done.

We need to get work done no matter what.

Because I don’t stop to connect with myself and feed my soul.

You can’t stop either. You can’t have rest.


And then flowers stop growing

and birds stop singing

and children stop laughing


And you look around at the world you have created – and you cry, you are confused.

You have been working so hard and what’s for?


Let’s open us to the idea that being productive is not just about doing.


Smiling is productive

Being kind and caring is productive

Being compassionate is super productive

Connecting with others is productive

Giving is productive

Laughing is productive

Resting is productive.


We design wellbeing programmes that offer just that.


Our latest programme: The Happiness Effect Challenge Leaders and Managers is designed
to create a positive culture shift, to make interactions between employees and managers more human, to encourage new leadership behaviours. We are using technology to bring your people together and create a community like never before. Check it out below.




Celebrate International Happiness day with us on the 20th March 2020.

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