Workplace Wellbeing for Millennials


When you are building your workplace wellbeing strategy do you consider the needs and wants of the Millennials?


  1. Millennials value health the most (53%). Wellness is a daily, active pursuit for millennials. They are eating healthier and exercising more than previous generations. 


  1. Millennials use technology to stay healthy. Technology has enabled greater access to wellness information and has put personal health monitoring into the palms of their hands.


  1. 80% of Millennials say an emphasis on personal growth is the most essential quality of a company’s culture.


  1. Millennials are looking at the total compensation package and the company culture when they choose an employer.


  1. Millennials see learning at work as a way of connecting with others. They value an opportunity to build social connections at work.



What can you do?


  1. Help to build social connections among people across the organisation and encourage collaboration around wellness and social activities. Comfortable spaces, room for yoga and meditation, access to bikes, cooking classes, etc.  Focus on allowing people to renew their energy together.


  1. Expand your wellbeing programme into a “Personal Growth” strategy using a growth mindset philosophy.


  1. Provide opportunities for learning and development, including training managers on the key role they play in impacting an employee’s wellbeing.


  1. Consider adopting policies that promote work/life balance and healthy habits. Use technology to maintain a consistent focus on wellbeing education rather than relaying on ad-hoc wellbeing events.


  1. Create a culture where people can really flourish and express themselves, bring their real self to work. Foster creativity and original ideas.


Every single of us wants to flourish and express our authentic self.


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