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  • Instant Access to the Workplace Wellbeing Tools
  • Diversity of Topics and Experts
  • Real-time Interaction with our Experts
  • Online Events, Webinars and Masterclasses
  • Personalised Recommendations
  • Mini Wellbeing Assessments and Surveys
  • Create Your Own Content Option
  • Regular Engaging Communications
  • Face-to-face Wellbeing Events

Check it out - 5-Day Challenge to improve your resistance to stress

This week we launched an online Nutrition Challenge to help people reduce stress at work. A number of organisations and their employees are taking part in this challenge. It is being led by our Nutritional Therapist Charlotte Pickles. Take a look at the short preview!


Our Latest Webinar: How to build personal resilience

Dr Wilk is going to give you a taster of what Mental Resilience training is all about. She is an experienced psychologist, speaker, neuroscientist and counsellor.

We face challenges every day and so is our team. The stress often becomes unbearable as well as the pace of work and life.

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Join Our Workplace Wellbeing Innovation Forum

We are delighted to host our first Workplace Wellbeing Innovation Forum in conjunction with Manchester Science Partnerships  on the 11th July 2018. Come and join us. Register via this link 


What Are You Looking To Do?

Step 1

Inject Fun&Positivity

Conversations around stress and mental health can be tough. But this topic does not have to be all doom and gloom. We offer a new approach to talking about stress and mental health. Check it out!

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Step 2

Make Wellbeing a Daily Habit

Instant access to our wellbeing portal is an affordable and scalable way to offer daily wellbeing tools to your employees. Diverse range of experts and new tools every week!


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Step 3

Embrace Digital Technology

Nothing can beat face-to-face interaction but sometimes they are not practical. Do you have employees based at home, on the road or in multiple locations? Webinars and digital masterclasses are a perfect way to reach them. 

Have a look at our case studies!

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Innovate and Assess

Our platform opens huge opportunities for your wellbeing agenda. You can develop your own in-house wellbeing experts and post their content on our platform, you can offer live wellness challenges, discussion forums and mini wellbeing assessments and surveys.

Contact us to learn more!

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We Brought Wellness to these Wonderful Businesses

Launch Your Wellbeing Programme Online

#Go Digital

Launch your wellbeing programme with a series of interactive and educational digital events and comms that will help your employees access wellbeing tools on a daily basis.


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Listen To Our Digital Podcast

Discover the most unique anti-stress tool you can offer your employees – singing at work!


For a full version – listen here! 

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Unusual Way to Get Moving at Work

Sitting at our desks all day long makes us ill. There are some great ways that can help you mitigate sedentary behaviour at work. Use team spirit and get ready for the office dance-off.

Discover more ways to uplift your people at work!



with Wellness Assessments



Why #Go Digital?


For the last couple of years we have been delivering face-to-face wellness workshops on a variety of topics from Nutrition, Mindfulness, Stress Management to Sleep, The Science of Happiness and Office Fitness.

It was great fun! And we enjoyed interacting with our clients face-to-face. But our clients wanted to see more of us…

We realised that we can utilise the power of digital technology and offer them an instant access to their favourite workshops and seminars in the form of online bite-size courses, live challenges and more.

Moreover, we would like to leverage the power of social learning and let our customers foster their own in-house wellbeing experts that can create a video content on our platform. 

Innovate and work with us! We are open to collaboration and new ideas.

Watch this video to see how our platform works.


What are our Customers saying?

Real words from real people!
  • "Thank you again for joining us last week for our Wellbeing Week, people seemed to really enjoy your sessions which is great news."
  • "Many thanks for your wonderful YogaLight demonstration last Thursday. I can't recall the last time I had so much fun exercising. I will ensure that your posters and video are circulated to the office. I would also be delighted if you would stay in touch so that we can run similar work shops with you."
  • “Your organisation around the day and professionalism was excellent “
  • “Just to say thanks for setting this webcast up as I found it really insightful and thought provoking. I would say that for me building mental strength is absolutely essential.”
  • “Your session was brilliant and really gave the teams something to think about”
  • “I thought the course content was educational and practical, well presented, very good takeaways”
  • “Due to the popularity of your sessions here last year, I have been asked if you would run more sessions for us next year.”

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