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We are inspired to bring Wellness to the organisations and help them re-design the way they work to make employees feel happy, healthy and more human.
We live and work in turbulent times when technology penetrates all aspects of our lives. Today is more important than ever for leaders to understand and nurture their employees’ Human side if they want to have thriving businesses in the future. Wellbeing practices are a perfect tool for that.


Try it! Improve Your Energy levels at Work - our new online course

If your employees tend to suffer a sleepiness attack in the mid-afternoon, it’s not a fluke. Many people experience a noticeable dip in their alertness, energy level, and ability to concentrate in the afternoon. Check out our latest online course that can help to improve energy levels at work 

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Our Latest Webinar: Innovative ways to tackle stress@work

Recent technological advancements helped health science make many discoveries in the fields of neuroscience and epigenetics. If left unused we are likely to become the victims of our fast-paced, stressful and tech-driven work and life today.

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What Are You Looking To Do?

Step 1


Our interactive employee health hacks are a perfect first step to start your wellbeing conversations and show your people that you care as an employer.

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Step 2


Wellbeing webinars are an affordable and scalable way to educate your employees. If you are after a more personal learning option for a smaller group of people explore our face-to-face workshops.


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Step 3


Help your people create daily healthy habits at work by using our Employee Digital Wellbeing Club where they will have access to mini online courses and daily wellbeing tools.

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Let’s innovate together. Everyone can be an expert today. Find your own in-house wellbeing experts and launch their content on our platform.  Embrace Social Learning. This is the future!


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We Brought Wellness to these Wonderful Businesses

Launch Your Wellbeing Week #Go Digitial

5 Days 5 Webinars

Make Wellbeing More Accessible with a series of interactive and educational live webinars that will help your employees tackle stress at work.

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Digital Masterclass Live

Mindfulness@Your Desk,

Thursday 3rd May 2018, 12.30pm

Discover how you and your employees can learn and practice new wellbeing tools online.


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Unusual Way to Get Moving at Work

Sitting at our desks all day long makes us ill. There are some great ways that can help you mitigate sedentary behaviour at work. Use team spirit and get ready for the office dance-off.

Discover more ways to uplift your people at work!

Why #Go Digital?


For the last couple of years we have been delivering face-to-face wellness workshops on a variety of topics from Nutrition, Mindfulness, Stress Management to Sleep, The Science of Happiness and Office Fitness.

It was great fun! And we enjoyed interacting with our clients face-to-face. But our clients wanted to see more of us…

We realised that we can utilise the power of digital technology and offer them an instant access to their favourite workshops and seminars in the form of online bite-size courses, live challenges and more.

Moreover, we would like to leverage the power of social learning and let our customers foster their own in-house wellbeing experts that can create a video content on our platform. 

Innovate and work with us! We are open to collaboration and new ideas.

Watch this video to see how our platform works.


Julie McGann – Founder of Unicorn and Co 

Speaker, Mental Health Activist, Mindfulness Coach, Head of Employee Wellbeing, MCIPD


Prior to devoting her life to workplace wellbeing and mental health Julie spent 12 years working in mid and senior HR roles for organisations that include British Gas, Shell, XPO, National Probation Service and many more. Julie led in-house wellbeing programmes for British Gas and ex-Unilever businesses.


The last three years Julie spent talking to organisations and educating them on the aspects of mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Julie takes an active part in design and delivery of all wellbeing programmes and services. 


Julie is a passionate innovator but she is also a keen explorer of the ancient wisdom. She believes wellbeing events in organisations should never be boring. It is about enjoying yourself and having fun. It is about thriving at work rather than surviving.


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What are our Customers saying?

Real words from real people!
  • "Thank you again for joining us last week for our Wellbeing Week, people seemed to really enjoy your sessions which is great news."
  • "Many thanks for your wonderful YogaLight demonstration last Thursday. I can't recall the last time I had so much fun exercising. I will ensure that your posters and video are circulated to the office. I would also be delighted if you would stay in touch so that we can run similar work shops with you."
  • “Your organisation around the day and professionalism was excellent “
  • “Just to say thanks for setting this webcast up as I found it really insightful and thought provoking. I would say that for me building mental strength is absolutely essential.”
  • “Your session was brilliant and really gave the teams something to think about”
  • “I thought the course content was educational and practical, well presented, very good takeaways”
  • “Due to the popularity of your sessions here last year, I have been asked if you would run more sessions for us next year.”

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