Introduction to Mindfulness – Talk



Julie Mcgann is an experienced Speaker and Mindfulness Teacher


This interactive and engaging session will demonstrate the benefits of mindfulness both in theory and practice.

Participants will be able to report a measurable shift in their stress levels straight after the session.

Julie carefully combines theory and practical experience in this 45-60 min session. She clearly demonstrates the benefits of mindfulness practice in the modern world. Her session is interactive, engaging and thought-provoking.

Similar sessions delivered to Sony, Nationwide Building Society, Ofwat, Law Firms and other companies.

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2 reviews for Introduction to Mindfulness – Talk

  1. Julie McGann

    “I was at your session with OFWAT yesterday. Just a quick note to let you know I thought it was great. I’ve been into mindfulness for a while now and am finding it is really making a difference to my life!Keep spreading the word” Danny Leitch, Partner, Gridlines

  2. Julie McGann

    “Hi Julie, Thanks again for a great session on Wednesday, looking forward to seeing you again shortly. ” Lizzie Young, Corporate Communications. Ofwat

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