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The above picture of mine was taken on my recent holiday. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the island immensely. Everyone seemed to look so healthy and stress-free and instead of looking at their phones people actually spent their time dancing, talking and enjoying the food. I found myself dancing on the dance floor for seven hours almost non-stop being totally sober!

After leaving my long career in the corporate world of HR I have devoted the last three years of my life trying to persuade businesses to bring more innovative, potential-enhancing wellness programmes along with fun and happiness into work.

It worked at times and it did not work at other times.

I spent lots of effort writing serious articles about physical and mental health, the importance of the right nutrition and the negative effects of stress. At times, it felt like such doom and gloom.

I noticed that we often use wellbeing to fix a problem rather than to uplift and enhance ourselves.

I also pioneered mindfulness and facilitated yoga sessions at work making people stretch or guiding them through a series of breathing exercises. In moments like these I would think to myself: “How did I end up doing this kind of work?”

It felt surreal at times for an ex HR professional.

But something was still missing for me. As much as Wellbeing is my big personal passion I often found it a little dull, prescriptive and serious, almost lacking a character.

Whist watching people on a holiday I remembered the true ingredients of Our Wellbeing – fully enjoying life in all its colours, expressing our own uniqueness, connecting with others and moving our bodies as often as possible (to the funky tunes, of course).

Join me on my Mission to Redesign Wellness at Work – make it positive, cool, and joyful and I hope so will be our lives.
Welcome to UPGRADE-U


Julie McGann


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