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It was very refreshing to meet like-minded individuals at the workshop yesterday called The Art of Digital Learning organised by CIPD branch.



We often encourage our customers to create their own interactive digital content on our platform in order to increase engagement and participation levels around workplace wellness.


But we found that many are not sure and even afraid of doing so even though our social media is booming with this kind of content. It was fantastic to see organisations that pioneering this movement in the digital learning space.


Mike Collins, Senior Digital Learning Specialist from River Island along with Spencer Martin from have demonstrated the application of VR (virtual reality) tools in their on-boarding process. Millennials love these tools! 


Mike Shaw MBA, FLPI, Head of L&D for Signature has shared his passion for creating engaging videos for his organisation using just a smartphone. He is a pioneer in his organisation and encourages others to produce simple and interactive videos to communicate with each others.


Rachel Burnham, L&D Consultant has explained the most practical and simple approach to creating your first podcast and sharing it with your colleagues. Podcasts are practical and accessible when it comes to sharing a knowledge about a certain topic.


Did you know?  Today we process more information in one day than we used to process in a year 20 years ago.


Information is available everywhere. 


It is chasing us every waking moment of our day.


Click! Comment! Like! Read! Reply! Follow! 


With all the information available to us today the definition of KNOWLEDGE is changing.


It is not about consuming information any longer.


Today knowledge means learning through your personal experience.


Experience is about doing, trying, failing and succeeding.


Anyone can be a teacher if they had an experience that resulted in learning.


YouTube is the biggest educational platform today.


That what we call Social Learning.


It is time to leverage Social Learning in businesses and organisations.


Our  Digital Wellbeing Learning Platform offers a unique opportunity to bring together renowned wellness experts and in-house educators (from a CEO to an employee) and leverage the topics of wellness, happiness and success together.


Along with the experts you and your colleagues can produce and post relevant educational videos and share their learning experiences.



What an amazing way to engage your millennials.



Take a look at what Nationwide Graduates created in 20 minutes in order to drive wellbeing conversations in their organisation!



Would you like to pilot this new approach? Get in touch 



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