Food as Your Fuel – 10-Day Online Challenge

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Increase your mental and physical energy with food.

(includes 1-2-1 with Charlotte Pickles, Nutritional Therapist).

Starts 14th June 2019

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What you eat impacts your performance at work.

We all know how great a healthy diet is for your body, but did you know that some foods can boost your productivity, memory and cognition by nourishing your brain? 


This challenge will help you:

  • To increase your energy levels,
  • Make you feel less tired 
  • Accomplish more in a day
  • Have more energy to do stuff you love
  • Invest your energy in things that matter


Completing this online challenge will help you to evaluate your eating habits and understand how by making small changes to your daily diet you can 

  • Prevent burnout
  • Prevent afternoon slump
  • Improve memory and cognition
  • Add energy-boosting snacks to your diet



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