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This is one of the most comprehensive personalised video guides to Overcoming Stress and Anxiety.

It is like getting access to your personal psychologist at anytime and anywhere.

It is your first aid kit in the instances of emotional upheaval, upset, personal challenge or a struggle. 

This is a professional support available anytime to help deal with stress, anxiety, panic attacks, sadness, fear, disappointments etc.


Dr Kasia Wilk, Counselling Psychologist, will guide you every step of the way with proven strategies that she has used to help hundreds of her private practice clients.  She has been working with stressed professionals for many years and she designed this comprehensive video toolkit to help more professionals increase self-awareness and learn self-control over their mental and emotional states.



  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Uma Pabbineedi

    This course has also massively impacted on my perception of things in my life (e.g. career, relationships etc.), by getting me to delve deeper into my thinking and its root causes. Understanding where my anxieties came from and how it was impacting my present behaviour was an interesting and eye-opening experience for me.

    A great personal example I would like to draw on, is being able to get through my driving test without any negativity running through my mind and of course pass it too!!! This was a huge achievement for me as I messed up on my previous test attempts due to my negative thoughts (e.g. about my ability to drive) which would then manifest into unhelpful ways of dealing with my test anxiety (e.g. avoid situations by purposefully messing up). Being able to in some sense re-program/re-wire what was going on inside my mind and witness the difference it made was honestly one of the most liberating experiences for me as I was able to break free from my vicious cycle. In addition, I found that techniques such as the mindful body scan and muscle relaxation greatly helped in getting me into the right mindset for my test.

    I would highly recommend the finding freedom from stress and anxiety course by Dr. Wilk. I can assure anyone who is considering doing this course that if you put the work in and continually practice the techniques and use the resources provided , the results are truly life-changing !

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