#ItsOkayToTalk – New approach to Mental Health

Social Chain, one of the most successful marketing agencies in the UK, has yet again proved its ability to take innovative and creative approach to talking about mental health and its commitment to continuing this kind of conversations.


Many businesses today struggle to start Mental Health conversations with their employees at work not realising that tackling mental health stigma in the right way can promote increased engagement by deepening employee connections as humans, foster creativity by helping people express themselves and develop trust between each other. 



Combining digital art Social Chain and Bruntwood called upon young professionals in creative digital marketing industry to provoke a topic of conversation on mental health sharing their artistic expressions. The result exceeded expectations.



Mental Health event where people openly shared the way they felt turned into an arty boutique event held with style, maturity and humanity where talking about mental health and its challenges was not a taboo any longer. It was a conversation that we are all part of, no one is exempt from it.


Marvellous work yet again, Stephanie Bell and Dominic McGregor!


Our Head of Wellbeing, Julie McGann was invited to speak at the event on the topic of Mental Fitness.



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