Mental Health at Work

Three years ago we went to exhibit at the Health and Wellbeing@Work conference for the first time introducing our unique wellbeing tools and techniques to the business world.


That was our humble beginning as a provider of employee wellbeing programmes and events.

Through my personal experience I knew that our human, emotional and vulnerable side has never been nurtured and supported at work providing us with a lack of understanding of ourselves and what does it mean to be human at work with all our sensitivities and vulnerabilities.



Today we call it Mental Health.


Our brain is an organ that we need to understand and learn how to manage it, otherwise it ends up managing us – reducing our chances to work and live happily.

10 years ago I faced a problem where I could not understand my brain any longer and hence, my actions and reactions. My brain stopped producing any positive thoughts and making my life fun. I did not know why and what to do with this situation.

Working as HR manager at that time I had a full access to the employee benefits package but there was nothing in place to help me understand what was wrong with me and what to do next.

Every day I had to turn up to work and face the world, bearing the unlucky entanglement of my mind neuropathways, still smiling, performing, talking and occasionally crying in the bathroom.

My journey to rewiring my brain for health and happiness commenced in Waterstones where I found myself staring at the self-help book section. Reading tons of books was my first step to uncovering the secrets of my mind. I have also tried some talking therapies. But reading and talking did not make so much difference.

Something was lacking – the actual actions, changes in my environment and my daily routines.

Gradually I discovered more practical mind management tools and techniques through attending various workshops and training events.

Their daily application started to make a real difference to my brain, body, my mental strength and my life.

After successfully untangling the neuropathways of my mind I have realised that  to keep my brain healthy and happy at all the time is my daily duty.

Practicing mental hygiene tools is our daily responsibility to ourselves so our brain can keep working and producing happy and productive thoughts. Practicing them will mean that we won’t need to fix anything later on.


Sharing everything I have learnt though the tough times and combining it with my extensive HR experience is my mission today.

Nurturing our human side at work in the times of technology domination, fast pace environment and information overload has never been more important.

We are happy to let you know that we’ve digitised some of our most successful face-to-face workshops to make them available to more employees for less. 

Check out our latest digital workshop “Practical tools to combat stress and build mental strength at work”



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