The Mad World Tech Innovation Award Competition

We are going to the Mad World Summit to take part in a competition for the most innovative workplace wellness technical solution. Please come and support us if you are going to be there!


On 9 October, at the Mad World Summit, TechTalk@MadWorld will give 10 digital mental health solution providers the opportunity to present to a panel of experts.

Technological innovation and increasing focus on preventative health could transform the way that mental health and wellbeing are supported in the multigenerational workplace. With increasing numbers of digital natives entering the workforce, and the imperative to support the older generation retiring later, this trend seems set to grow.

Each solution provider selected to take part in this dynamic session will have 3 minutes to explain what is different about their product or service and how it will address employers’ and employees’ mental health and wellbeing challenges in the workplace.

The session will be curated and Chaired by Tina Woods, MD, Collider Health and Mad World Advisory Board Technology Chair.

The panel will be awarding the Mad World Tech Innovation Award 2018 at the end for the event – during the cocktail party.

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