The Neuroscience of Mindfulness

We were at the Mind and Matter conference in London last week sharing the latest developments in the field of neuroscience and mindfulness with the companies like Unilever, Jaguar Land Rover, GSK, HSBC and EY.

Dr Sara Lazar from Harvard university came over from the US to explain the impact of mindfulness on the brain, our stress levels and our emotional intelligence.

She confirmed again that we can re-shape our brain to increase our ability in decision-making, perspective-taking and emotional regulation. The visible results can be achieved with Mindfulness practice in just 8 weeks.

Her study revealed that you can virtually change the density of your grey matter in the areas of your brain with Mindfulness. For example the size of amygdala in your brain correlates with your ability to handle stress.

Chief Learning Office of Unilever shared their experience of Mindfulness and how it impacted their working practices. GSK made their Mindful revolution global and they run their mindfulness programme across the globe.

 Jaguar Land Rover launched their Mindfulness Programme last year to achiever more focus, creativity and productivity. They shared their results.

Transformation Director at EY first transformed her life with mindfulness and abandoned the idea of having to be always busy. She is passionate about sharing this message with her colleagues from other organisations.

 Public Sector is also making progress launching their Mindful Projects. If the private sector is focused more on mindful communication, achieving laser-sharp focus and better decision-making, the public sector embraces the other side of mindfulness – wellbeing.

Interested in discovering more about Mindfulness or running a Taster session for your team?
We delivered Mindfulness to a number of organisations including Sony, Balfour Beatty, British Transport Police and law firms.
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