Audio Tools To Avoid Distractions While Working




1. Coffitivity

Several studies have shown that coffee shop noise is good for our creativity and productivity, thanks to providing “just the right amount” of background noise. You don’t have to head outside your home, though, to get that work boost. The Coffitivity webapp plays that ambient coffee shop noise to get your creative juices flowing.


The site recreates the noise you might hear in a coffee shop—low chatter, the occasional chair squeak, a spare cough—to make you more comfortable. The free version provides a few different settings like Morning Murmur or Lunchtime Lounge.

You will have to pay if you fancy more exotic sounds like Paris Paradise, Brazil Bistro or even Texas Teahouse.


If you are working from home today and can’t be bothered getting out of the house, make yourself a warm drink and organise your virtual coffee shop with Coffitivity.



2. Noisli



If you need to focus but instead you are distracted by other people talking in the office help yourself with a good pair of headphones.

Have you always felt you could be more productive working by the sea or in the countryside use your imagination and Noisli?


Noisli has been designed to help you avoid distractions at work and boost productivity. The site allows you to create your own set of background noise by combining sounds from rain, water, fire, forest, wind, and more.


Just load up the site (or their app), click the icon of the sounds you want to hear, and get to work.


Noisli also helps you to experience the impact of colours on your screen. Switching the colour of your computer’s background screen to blue enhances performance on creative tasks, for example, while making it red helps with detail-oriented tasks.


Create Your Own Productive Sound Mix Now


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